A Snowy Discovery

January 25, 2018

A Snow Discovery
Debra Benson, a Woman of Malvern – 

On January 1st, I woke up to a new year with a feeling of dread.  I have always had a propensity toward sadness on New Years Day.  To me it meant that soon school, now work, would be starting again and my beloved Christmas tree was coming down.  Later in life, I would make New Years resolutions that were too difficult to maintain.

This time it was different.  I could not really put a finger on.  Practically speaking it will be two year since we had the three foot blizzard and my sweet husband suffered a stroke after we shoveled our way out for three days.  Today he is doing well and is still serving our parish as a deacon.   Suffice to say, I still get anxious when it snows or there is a threat of ice.  I know I have confident trust in the Lord.  Sometimes that journey from my head to my heart takes a detour.

  1. So all this is going on in my mind before my feet have even hit the floor to start my day. Lord, I know that dread, fear and anxiety do not come from you.  Where is all this leading?  Almost immediately I received a clear memory of a Christmas concert I was part of in my Junior year of high school.  It was evening and as the concert began it started to snow.  By the time the concert ended, we were in the throws of a blizzard.  Everyone rushed to get out but in the panic my ride left without me.  Oh I felt so panicked and alone.  The school let me call home and my dad began the arduous journey to come and rescue me. 

The school closed and I began waiting outside.

Just then a friend of mine, a blind student, came to my aid.  She was one of several students who lived on campus in a house  on the school grounds.  I will call her Cathy.  The blizzard was so intense that you could not see the house from the school.  Cathy took my arm and lovingly, firmly placed it in hers.  Looking in my direction she invited me to wait for my dad at the house.  In a panic I exclaimed that we can’t see where we are going in this mess.  Cathy stated with great confidence, “I can see. I Know where I am going!” We both began to laugh as she led me through thigh high snow, occasionally pulling each other out of a drift till we got to the house.

So, Lord, how do I rid myself of this feeling of dread and what does this have to do with Cathy?  The Lord reminded me that January 1st is the Feast of The Mother Of God.

He wants me to let my Heavenly Mother lovingly, firmly take my arm in hers. He wants me to keep it there.  He wants me to walk with His mother with child-like trust.  Mary can see.  She wants to lead me deeper into the heart of her son. She will be my guide.  Mary is the most perfect guide.

On that note, who better to teach us how to have a feminine heart that is whole and holy than our mother Mary.  I invite you to come to a Women’s Tea, at Malvern Retreat House on Sunday, February 4th from 2-4pm.  The topic will be:  What’s all this talk about Feminine Genius.  I will be attending.  Please join me.

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