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Dust Off Your Remote

April 23, 2019

By Anne M. McGlone, Director of Marketing for Malvern Retreat House

A recent epigram appeared on a national billboard stating, “Life has no remote, get up and change it yourself.”

Gulp!  It’s a statement which causes us to pause and reflect asking, “What channel do I have to change?

Stop and think about this question.  You may not be aware of the negative path you are traveling; perhaps, one filled with gossip, evil thoughts, laziness or lack of prayer time.

After Christmas I experienced a life-threatening illness with a brief stay in an ICU unit at a local hospital and 12-week recovery.  Looking back over this time period of illness, I became acutely aware of the gift of gratitude in my daily life and for all those I encounter (medical offices, grocery stores, church, and work.)  It was infused gratitude, one of simply thanking any act of kindness or prayer extended to me which was life-changing.  Quite frankly, I was grateful to be alive!  Every person or situation encountered became a God-moment for reflection.

During a recent radio broadcast I asked the listening audience, “Is prayer part of your daily life or, is it a spare tire?”  The callers surprised me with their candid answers explaining how busy their lives seemed to be now.  It became quiet clear there is a hunger for “infused prayer” in our lives; not one of just taking time out of our busy schedules.  Prayer needs to be part of God’s Divine Will in our lives, every breathing moment.

How do we change the remote?  Have we muted it from God’s voice in our lives?  Do we keep selecting wrong decisions with our negativity?

Stay tuned for simple lessons on living in God’s Divine Will.  Start by making a retreat at Malvern Retreat House; perhaps, a two-hour Evening of Reflection, a 24-hour retreat or a 48-hour retreat.  Say “yes” to the invitation today.  The result will surprise you!

This is the season of the Resurrection, as we build towards Pentecost.

Take this journey with me in learning to infuse prayer, gratitude and joy into your life.


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