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Electro-Static Sprayer

September 3, 2020

Meeting the highest standards!
Malvern Retreat House began the first phase of our re-opening in mid-July. It has been wonderful having guests back on-site and we have enjoyed re-engaging on a personal level with our traditional Men and Women of Malvern groups. 

The COVID guidelines created by the Task Force outlined specific steps to increase our sanitation of all buildings. It was critical that staff could find a way to do this in an efficient and effective manner so that we could ensure the safety of all guests as well as host as many groups as possible. That is why the purchase of the electro-static sprayer was important to keeping us on track. It is a great device that cuts cleaning time and protects staff. The sprayer is used in all rooms after each event or guest stay and then hospitality staff finish up with another cleaning.

These decisions have allowed Malvern to welcome guests and staff back, confident that we are providing the highest level of safety and comfort for all guests. We are proud to be going above and beyond!


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