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A High Speed Chase is Underway

January 2, 2018

By Anne M. McGlone, Director of Marketing

When you start moving in the direction God is giving, unexpected, unexplainable, and amazing things start unfolding.

The genius of any organization is always going to be in its receptivity to change and openness to good ideas wherever they can be found.  Pastor Rick Warren writes, “How can we build a wave?  The question we need to ask instead is, “What is keeping our church from growing?”

God’s will is growth, expecting all of us to be fruitful. According to Peter Kreeft, Ph.D, “If we are moving in Christ, we are moving with the “most pressing speed, for we are “in” the most dynamic man who ever walked the earth.  When He says, “Follow Me (Mt. 8:22), He is not saying to us, “Please remember to be nice.”  The Lord is inviting us to a high-speed chase down the roads of our life.  On that chase there is no rest except eternal rest and no security except eternal security.  He will not leave us alone!

In 2018 are you looking for financial gain, a larger home, boat, or answer to all of your prayers?  Think about the impatient friend today; one who expects everything through faithful prayer.  Brother Lawrence once wrote in response to this question, “She seems to be full of good will, but she would go faster than grace.  One does not become holy all at once.” (Letter 9)

Think about the frigid weather outside today; compare this image to your walk with the Lord.  Are you stuck in the mud spiritually?  Dr. Ralph Martin once said in a speech, “If you are spiritually dry with no sense of the Lord’s purpose, simply show up.”

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