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Living Post-Retreat

August 24, 2017

Your scheduled retreat has ended. It was nothing short of spiritually invigorating—you met new people, spent time in private adoration, heard God’s voice speaking directly to you, and emerged feeling renewed in His love.

But what happens next?

Feelings of serenity, peace, and closeness to God may last for a while, but often, retreatants say that returning to the reality of everyday life is a bit of a shock. That’s to be expected; by nature, a “retreat” is a time when we withdraw from the hectic routines of daily life to better hear God’s guiding voice.

But the question remains. How can you maximize the renewal you gained while on retreat and use it to feel God’s love more strongly in your everyday life? In short, how do you live post-retreat? Read on to discover helpful tips, ways to adjust, and more.

Connect With Your Group

If you participated in a group retreat, one of the best ways to feel connected to the experience is to stay in touch with your retreat group. These people shared in your transformative retreat experience, and now, they’re probably experiencing many of the same post-retreat emotions. Reach out to them. Schedule a coffee date. Hold a prayer session. Keep them in your mind and in your heart as you move forward.

If you went on an individual retreat, there are still many other people who have been where you are now. Join a Facebook group for Malvern Retreatants and connect with those who can offer you spiritual advice and guidance.


Create a Mini-Retreat Experience Every Day

While you don’t have time to step away from life and experience the full beauty of a retreat every weekend, there are ways that you can re-create especially meaningful parts of your retreat. Dedicate 20 minutes a day to a reflection; attend daily mass; journal about how you recognize God at work in your life. Whatever you choose to do, use it as a time to recall your retreat experience as a source of strength for the day.


Find New Spiritual Sustenance

There are countless resources available for those who wish to grow in their relationship with God after a retreat is over. From radio shows to blogs to daily reflections, you can find the source that feeds your spirit in a meaningful way. Once you do, make it a part of your routine. You’ll give your post-retreat life new meaning through the continued strengthening of your soul.

Share Your Story

Avoid keeping all of your post-retreat energy, questions, and emotions to yourself. Let them out—share your unique retreat experience so that others can learn and grow from your testimony. Whether you impart a short anecdote, an overview of your retreat, or insight on what it’s like to live post-retreat, you’ll lighten your soul while also helping others. Find an online space for retreatants, like the global Catholic Community Forum, or share your specific Malvern experience with our own community.


No matter how you choose to make your retreat experience part of your everyday life, Malvern Retreat House is here to be a spiritual resource for you. Explore Malvern Live, the hub of Malvern Retreat House, which always features updated blogs, reflections, radio shows, photos, news, and retreat opportunities. Set it as your homepage as the first step to bringing the retreat experience into your daily life.

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