Recent Abortion Legislation in New York and Virginia

March 6, 2019

By Dr. Rocco Martino, a Man of Malvern

Recently, the Legislatures of New York and Virginia passed legislation that would allow abortion up to the moment of birth, and even beyond. Yes, live babies could be terminated. In both cases, the legislation was signed by the Governor.  In fact, both Governors were pro-active in supporting the passage of this legislation. 

Think for a moment.  This act allows termination of fully born children.  For the first time, the fiction that the unborn is not a person is not even used.  The child is defined in terms of being conceived, and even born, and still life can be terminated. 

This is even more blatant than the previously approved abortion at birth provision of previous legislation.  Just think of how this will operate. 

For example, following birth, the child is made comfortable, perhaps even given a bottle. When the parents are ready, the parents, or their legal representatives, can meet with the doctor and a hospital representative.  If the sex is not agreeable; or if the appearance is not suitable; or if any disease, no matter how slight or insignificant, is present; or if for any reason whatsoever, the decision can be made to abort.  If so, the child is executed. 

That’s exactly what it is.  Execution!  Murder!  Whatever the term used, that is exactly what it is. 

Can you imagine the next set of acts of the legislature?  It is fairly certain the first step will be to remove permission of the parents.  As the final health insurer of the baby, it is evident that legislation will be enacted giving the state the ultimate right to decide on life at birth.  Going a step further, perhaps the decision will be delayed until the baby is six months old, or one year, or five years, or whatever age the state deems desirable, at which  time the child will be tested.  Any child that does not meet state norms of potential ability will be executed.  Or any child that does not meet minimum healthcare projections will be executed.  That will ensure that no child will be a burden on the insurance budget of the state. 

Once this cycle starts, this process can be applied to all citizens.  The sickly will be executed and the budget will be reduced for healthcare.  After a certain age, say 65, or whenever Medicare is applied for, the person will be tested.  Anyone who does not meet the norms set by the Medicare Administrator, will be executed. 

All criminals will also be executed to cut that budget element.  All the aged  with no occupation could also be executed.  All veterans over a certain age, or those with heavy government costs, can be executed.  Indeed, any disabled person, anyone who is a financial burden of any kind on the state, will be terminated.  On and on it will go until we are left with a race of achievers and super achievers who are no cost to the healthcare system. 

The children born of such parents will obviously be deemed worthy of life.  Soon they will begin examinations of those who operated the termination facilities in the past.  They can be terminated if they have no work to perform.  The result will be an elite race who never get sick, or who always get past an illness alive.  Taxes will go down exponentially as the costs of social services approach zero, or at least an acceptable minimum. That too can be set by an act of the legislature. 

Imagine life then.  No-one will be a burden on the stare.  Taxes will be reasonable.  They can never be zero because there is always a burden for the government.  But at least this will be diminishing each year as the government has fewer and fewer people to execute each year, including surplus government people. 

It all started when New York and Virginia passed that act that allowed termination even after birth. 

I well remember a prominent doctor who was accused of being Pro Life because he was a Catholic.  He exclaimed, “No! No!  You’re wrong!  I am in favor of abortion.  I just think you are wrong to restrict this to birth.  I favor a later time, such as age five.  Just think of all the five-year olds you would like to send to the abortion mill.” 

He was obviously joking, then.  Will those who hear him now assume he is joking?


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