Friday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time
Malvern Minute


Friday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

February 14, 2020

Deacon Anthony J. Cincotta

Assistant Director for Retreat Ministry 


Memorial Feast:  Saint Cyril (826-869) and Saint Methodius (815-885) Patron Saints of Eastern Europe

1 Kings 11:29-32, 12-19

Psalm 81:10-11ab, 12-13, 14-15

Mark 7:31-37

When I hear the “exhortation” in today’s Psalm, “There shall be no strange god among you nor shall you worship any alien god” I think about the 1957 classic movie “The Ten Commandments” and the scene of the Hebrews waiting for Moses at the foot of Mt. Sinai as they are worshiping the golden calf.  It’s probably fair to say that worshiping of golden calves is not something we see much of anymore.  At least not here at the Malvern Retreat House.  So we may be even tempted to say that “idolatry” is so B.C. and not something that we need to concern ourselves with in the year 2020.   

But is idolatry really dead?  While we may not be worshiping images resembling birds, animals and creepy crawly things that Saint Paul spoke about in his letter to the Romans, many people today have reprioritized God’s importance in our life and have moved Him down the list from someone who should have a daily major influence on our life to someone we hear about on Sunday for an hour or so.

Has our fascination with the internet, cable TV, texting, iPad’s, and such become the false god’s of the 21st century?  Have our hearts become hardened because we don’t have time to hear God’s voice because we have countless emails to read and respond to?

What then is the answer?  What should we, as Catholic Christians strive to do?  It may be as simple as to begin to make an assessment of where you spend your day to see what your priorities truly are.  How much time do you spend your day to see what your priorities truly are.  How much time do you needlessly spend on activities that really serve no useful purpose?  Can these wasted minutes, which turn into hours, be better spent in prayer, reflection and meditation; or even better, in actual service to others who are in need? 

Friends, Lent will soon be upon us.  It is never too early to begin to reflect on what our priorities are and how to soften our hearts to the true Word of God and to listen and hear where God is leading us.  Put down your cell phone, think about it, pray about it and act on it.  Amen?  Amen!

Question of the Day:  Do you have the strength and courage given to you through the Holy Spirit to minimize the small “god’s” in your life?

Prayer:  “I am the Lord, your God: hear my voice.”  (Psalm 81:11a and 9a)




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