Friday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time
Malvern Minute


Friday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

June 5, 2020

Deacon Anthony J. Cincotta

Assistant Director for Retreat Ministry


Memorial Feast:  Saint Boniface (672-+754) Bishop and Martyr – Patron Saint of Brewers

Second Letter of Saint Paul to Timothy

Psalm 119

Mark 12:35-37


It’s not always easy to do the right thing, and it can often seem pretty frustrating.  Often it seems that the bad guys are getting ahead by cheating, stealing and enjoying their ill-gotten gains while the majority of us, well, finish last.  In Paul’s letter to Timothy we learn that following the scripture and doing the right thing is not easy.  We read, “In fact, all who want to live religiously in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”  But that doesn’t seem right either, does it?  We have been taught that “following Sacred Scripture” should have a reward, not persecution. 

Those who follow the scripture and do God’s will and God’s work despite the obstacles and the persecution will have a reward.  They will be prepared to do any good work, and according to the psalm, if nothing else, they will have the peace that comes with knowing they are doing the right thing, whether that is the easy or profitable thing to do or not.

I have often wondered how the cheaters and liars and thieves can live with themselves.  I’m sure that it’s nice to have the money and the “stuff” that comes with ill-gotten gains, but what peace can they have knowing that their “bounty” comes at the cost of someone else’s hard work.  The nice guys may finish last, but they will know that whatever they accomplish they do by their own work and integrity.  Even if people can cheat their way through this world, that’s not going to work in the next. 

Question of the Day:  How will you set the example for your family and friends to keep God’s Holy Commandments?

Prayer:  “Whoever loves me will keep my Word, and my Father will love him and we will come to him.”  Gospel Acclamation for June 5, 2020.

Please continue to pray for the victims of the Coronavirus and for all who are affected by this unprecedented pandemic.


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