Friday of the Second Week in Advent
Malvern Minute


Friday of the Second Week in Advent

December 13, 2019

Deacon Anthony J. Cincotta

Assistant Director for Retreat Ministry


Memorial Feast:  Saint Lucy, Martyr (283-304) – Patron of the blind

Isaiah 48:17-19

Psalm 1

Matthew 11:16-19


So, how many times have you heard “there are only X many shopping days until Christmas?  Of course the commercialization of us Christians is an easy target.  Now there is nothing wrong with exchanging gifts with loved ones and friends and looking forward to being with people we love.  I, for one, enjoy that part of Christmas as much as the next person. 

If you take the time to study the readings of the day you certainly don’t need me to remind you about the real message of Christmas – you already know what it is.

This leads us to today’s slight puzzle in the first reading from the prophet Isaiah.  It seems a little bit as if God is bartering with His people.  Follow my commandments and all sorts of good material things will happen.  You will be prosperous, you will be vindicated, and your genes will spread far and wide.  Of course this was written for a time when people saw the reward for following God as being mostly in their lifetime.  If bad things happened to a person they were the result of some sin they committed or even the past sins of their parents or ancestors. 

Today, we are past that way of thinking – or at least we should be.  All of us know the wonderful, faithful people who have had bad fortune with their health or what have you, and watched people whom we don’t admire as much seemingly having everything good this world has to offer come their way.

So when Isaiah speaks of prosperity” he is not referring to your bank account.  It means the sort of prosperity that comes from having as pure of a soul as you can possibly have.  When he speaks of “vindication” it is heavenly vindication and not earthly vindication.

Friends, when you’re shopping for those last minute gifts do a little shopping for your soul as well – I plan to do the same.  We really don’t know how many “shopping days” we have left – do we?

Question of the Day:  Can you pull away from the “demands” of the Holiday Season and look to the “demands” of your Christmas obligations?

Prayer:  “Lord, at times the demands of life pull me away from the living waters of your love, and my heart becomes a barren desert.  Help me to stay on the river of your mercy, and grant me the flow that enables my inner life to bear fruit in the outer world.”  (Taken from: “Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas –  Waiting in Joyful Hope 2019-2020” by Daniel G. Groody CSC)



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