Friday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time
Malvern Minute


Friday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

February 28, 2020

Deacon Anthony J. Cincotta

Assistant Director for Retreat Ministry 


Isaiah 58:1-9a

Psalm 51 (19b)

Matthew 9:14-15

Have you ever heard of the new Lenten diet?  It goes something like this:

  1. Eat your words
  2. Swallow your pride
  3. Digest God’s teachings
  4. For desert, indulge in prayer
  5. If your fast – complete the diet by sharing with the poor

In today’s Gospel, the disciples of John the Baptist ask Jesus why His disciples do not fast while they fast.  Our Lord tells them that they do not fast because He is with them.  In other words, Jesus puts things in the proper perspective.  The reign of God in His very own person is calling us to rejoice and celebrate the unfathomable generosity and love of God that is manifested in Jesus’ presence among us.  But today He is no longer with us physically, so, we fast.  Fasting is valued in many faiths.  It is seen as a way of expiating sin, purifying the spirit and offering up something to the divinity.    

Fasting, like praying and alms giving is a legitimate spiritual discipline to be practiced in private between a Christian and the Lord.  How often we practice it is not prescribed because that too is between the believer and Christ.  But for us Catholics, we are required to fast twice a year; Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.  When we desire to seek God’s face more than we want to eat is the proper time to fast. 

Question of the Day:  What kind of fasting do you exercise during the Season of Lent?  Does it bring joy to those people in need?

Prayer:  Lord, I know how much you love me.  It’s hard for me to feel it sometimes, but I know your love is always with me.  Help me to use your love as a way to persevere in my Lenten intentions.  I know that I am sometimes weak, but I also know that with your help I can use these small sacrifices in my life to draw closer to you.



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