Friday of the Twenty-Eighth Week in Ordinary Time
Malvern Minute


Feast of Saint Luke

October 18, 2019

Deacon Anthony J. Cincotta

Assistant Director for Retreat Ministry

Memorial Feast: Saint Luke, Evangelist

Second Letter of St. Paul to Timothy 4:10-17b

Psalm 145

Luke 10:1-9

Today we celebrate the feast of Saint Luke, one of the four Evangelists.  He is attributed with the authorship of the Gospel that bears his name and of the Acts of the Apostles which is a continuation of the story showing how the Holy Spirit acts through the Apostles in building the early Church.  Luke is thought to have been a Gentile Christian writing for Gentile Christians.  It is believed that he traveled with Paul on parts of his second and third missionary journeys and was with Paul during both his first and second imprisonments.

Luke’s Gospel emphasizes the call to poverty, prayer, and purity of heart.  God’s salvation through Jesus is extended to ALL humanity.  He mentions the ministry of the women who followed Jesus to show that Jesus cares as much about the salvation of women as He does for men. 

The role of discipleship is the same for male or female.  “Carry not money bag, no sack no sandals; greet no one along the way.” (Luke 10:3-4)    This is one of the first rules of St. Francis of Assisi whose feast we celebrated on October 4th.  It was trust, not faith, that allowed St. Francis to abandon a hermit’s robe, sandals and belt for an even simpler robe with only rope for a belt and no shoes and to become totally dependent on the hospitality of others for his “daily bread.”   Faith is a gift from the Holy Spirit.  Trust, however, is not a gift – it’s a choice.  Trust is the decision to ignore our unbelief and place ourselves into God’s hands.

Sisters and brothers, we may not be able to live this passage from sacred scripture as literally as St. Francis did, but we can adapt the spirit of the directive.  No money bag means we do not place importance on acquiring material things.  No sack means we do not worry about provisions.  No sandals mean we can toughen up our feet because the journey is going to be difficult.  Greet no one along the way allows us to stay focused on the destination and not be distracted by other ambitions or aspirations.

God provides all we need when we say yes to His will.  We should not doubt His providence and grace.  Luke and the other saints did not and, like them we too are all called to be saints. 

Question of the Day: Can you live the life of a saint?

Prayer: Eternal God, pour fourth Your Spirit into my heart.  Let me go through this life as a pilgrim heaven bound.



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