Friday of the Twenty-Ninth Week in Ordinary Time
Malvern Minute


Friday of the Twenty-Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

October 25, 2019

Deacon Anthony J. Cincotta

Assistant Director for Retreat Ministry


Romans 7:18-25a

Psalm 119

Luke 12:54-59

The people of Jesus’ time expected that the coming of the Messiah would be accompanied by extraordinary signs and wonders.  We all know that “false  messiahs” had made great (but false) claims to attract followers.  Jesus knew the hearts of those who came to test  Him.  They were more interested in the supernatural phenomena than they were in the Word of God.

Many of our Lord’s teachings  are presented to us with a sense of urgency.  His challenge for us is to respond now to the proclamation that, “The Kingdom of God is at hand!”  This is his message in today’s Gospel – “Don’t wait – Respond now!” 

Jesus uses a vivid illustration to point out the urgency of getting right with God.  If you could imagine yourself involved  in a civil proceeding wouldn’t it be more prudent to try to settle out of court in order to avoid being exposed to a harsher penalty?

Each of us stands in constant need of God’s love and mercy.  His light reveals what is in our hearts and His grace frees us from the tyranny of sin.  God’s call  is urgent and His grace is available for all of us. 

Question of the Day:  Where is our Lord waiting to encounter you today?

Prayer: “Jesus, I trust in You!”



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