Malvern Minute – Friday
Malvern Minute


November 4, 2016        Friday of the Thirty-First Week in Ordinary Time

Saint Charles Borromeo, Bishop

Mark J. Poletunow, Malvern President (

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A Reading from the Letter of Saint Paul to the Philippians (3:17-4:1)

Join with others in being imitators of me, brothers and sisters, and observe those who thus conduct themselves according to the model you have in us.
For many, as I have often told you
and now tell you even in tears,
conduct themselves as enemies of the cross of Christ.
Their end is destruction.
Their God is their stomach;
their glory is in their “shame.”
Their minds are occupied with earthly things.
But our citizenship is in heaven,
and from it we also await a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

He will change our lowly body to conform with his glorified Body by the power that enables him also
to bring all things into subjection to himself.

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, in this way stand firm in the Lord, beloved.

Reflect: Saint Paul doesn’t mince words. He challenges the mentality that looks for all glory and satisfaction here on earth: “Their end is destruction. Their God is their stomach; their glory is in their ‘shame’. Their minds are occupied with earthy things.” In contrast, however, he reminds us that “our citizenship is in heaven”. Similarly, in today’s Gospel from Saint Luke, we hear about the dishonest but prudent steward who is cheating his master but endearing himself to the master’s debtors so that he’ll be taken care of even after he is fired for being untrustworthy. Our focus must be on seeking Jesus Christ and his ways. Today the Church commemorates Saint Charles Borromeo, a bishop and cardinal. He was born into privilege, but instead of riding the wave of living an easy and comfortable life, he dedicated himself to work for renewal in the Counter-Reformation Church. He left a legacy of reform in religious education, the Roman Missal and breviary, and in seminary instruction and formation.

Am I so absorbed with seeking satisfaction and glory in this life that I push my faith and the place of Jesus in my life into an afterthought or some forgotten corner? Do I live and conduct my life as if my true citizenship is in heaven or as if I’ve lost my passport and my true identity as a child of God?


Pray: Loving God, help me to keep my eyes focused on you and your ways so that I might seek you even as I go about my responsibilities in the marketplace of this world.  I ask this in the powerful, perfect name of Jesus. Amen.

Saint Martin de Porres: Pray for us!



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