Malvern Minute – Monday
Malvern Minute


October 10, 2016 – Monday of the Twenty-Eighth Week in Ordinary Time                                                        

Mark J. Poletunow, Malvern President (

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 The Letter of Saint Paul to the Galatians (4:22-24, 26-27, 31-5:1)

Brothers and sisters:
It is written that Abraham had two sons,
one by the slave woman and the other by the freeborn woman.
The son of the slave woman was born naturally,
the son of the freeborn through a promise.
Now this is an allegory.
These women represent two covenants.
One was from Mount Sinai, bearing children for slavery;
this is Hagar.
But the Jerusalem above is freeborn, and she is our mother.
For it is written:
Rejoice, you barren one who bore no children;
break forth and shout, you who were not in labor;
for more numerous are the children of the deserted one
than of her who has a husband.

Therefore, brothers and sisters,
we are children not of the slave woman
but of the freeborn woman.

For freedom Christ set us free; so stand firm
and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery.

Reflect: Freedom is something that we all seek.  If we have achieved any level of freedom it’s something that we cherish. Paul is encouraging us to appreciate the freedom we have received through Jesus Christ. Because of Jesus, sin may attack us but not conquer us. We are more than conquerors through the death and resurrection of Jesus the Lord. However, because of human nature, sin can weigh us down. Satan doesn’t want us to lavish in the freedom that Jesus has won for us. So the devil finds all kinds of ways to entice us to sin. Usually, we fall to those situations that appear to be good and wonderful on the surface, but lead us to a dead end.  Only the mercy and love of Jesus can rescue us from that valley of darkness, forgive us and renew us with hope so that we can, again, find true freedom. The irony is that too often we think that we will be trapped by saying “yes” to the message of the Gospel.  However, it is only the Life and Word of Jesus that leads us to the fullness of freedom, the New Jerusalem, the Kingdom of God, Heaven.

What in the message of Jesus am I afraid of? Why?  Do I truly want the freedom that comes from Jesus and his ways?  What does Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life mean to me?


Pray: Loving God, help me to stand firm and not to submit to the yoke of slavery, to sin. May I seek nothing more than the true freedom that comes from the death and resurrection of Jesus.  I ask this in the powerful, perfect name of Jesus. Amen.

Holy God; Holy Might One; Holy Immortal One: Have mercy on us and on the whole world!



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