Memorial of Saints Timothy and Titus, Bishops
Malvern Minute


Memorial of Saints Timothy and Titus, Bishops

January 26, 2021

Deacon Anthony J. Cincotta

Saint Mary Magdalen Parish, Media, PA


Second Letter of Saint Paul to Timothy 1:1-8 or 1:1-5

Psalm 96:1-2a, 2b-3. 7-8a.1

Mark 3:31-35

            Timothy and Titus were both collaborators with Paul in his ministry to the Gentiles.  Tradition holds they were the recipients of Paul’s “pastoral epistles,” that letters replete with practical advice for the two pastors.  Above all, Paul encourages Timothy and Titus to remain faithful to Christ, “nourished on the words of the faith and of the sound teaching you have followed” (1 Tm 4:6.)  Timothy is believed to have been the first bishop of Ephesus.  Titus served as bishop of Crete.  Timothy’s relics are preserved at the Cathedral of Temoli in Molise, Italy.  AMDG+ (Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam – All For God’s Glory.)


            In today’s first reading we get another glimpse of life in the early Church; namely great communion in Christ, great friendship and great enthusiasm in the apostolate.  Yet there is always a problem of human nature and the unglamorous details of daily life for the need of charity and patience in “quarrels with others, fears within myself” as Paul says.  Through it all, the love of Christ sustained them.

            After his experience with Jesus Christ, Paul realized that he was not alone on the road to salvation.  Jesus has already accomplished salvation for us.  In faith and Baptism, Christians receive the grace of the Holy Spirit, who is our constant guide.  The Holy Spirit helps us to live in relationship with God and others.

            Today we ask for the intercession of Saints Timothy and Titus, that they may continue to inspire us, as they inspired the early Christians.  We ask that our faith may be strengthened and become examples for others to follow.

Question of the Day:  How will you extend God’s love and God’s truth to others, in order to allow the Holy Spirit do His work in their hearts? 

Prayer:  “The Lord sent me to bring glad tidings to the poor and to proclaim liberty to captives.  Alleluia, alleluia.”

















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