Monday of the Twenty-Sixth Week in Ordinary Time
Malvern Minute


Monday of the Twenty-Sixth Week in Ordinary Time

September 28, 2020

Deacon Anthony J. Cincotta

Saint Mary Magdalen Parish, Media, PA


Memorial Feast:  Saint Lawrence Ruiz (1594-+1637) and Companions; Patron Saint of the Philippines

Book of the Prophet Job 1:6-22

Psalm 17:1bcd, 2-3, 6-7

Luke 9:46-50


            Photographs of their young children are prized possessions of many parents, and grandparents.  They value the wholesomeness and spontaneity that children display in “candid” snapshots taken without posing.  In such photos children reveal their true innocence.  They are at an age where everything around them seems good and beautiful.  They expect and depend on the love and care of their parents.  As a result, they respond to their parents with pure love.  It is about young children that our Lord speaks to us in today’s Gospel narrative.

            We hear the disciples arguing amongst themselves about which of them was the greatest.  When the followers of Jesus came to believe that He would have a kingdom, they began to wonder what place they would have within this “kingdom.”  Since they were His close followers during His ministry in Galilee and Judea, they expected that they would probably have a high place in His kingdom.  In response to their question Jesus speaks of the necessity of becoming like little children in order to enter the “kingdom of heaven,” not an earthly kingdom.

            Our Lord is referring not to the innocence of little children but rather their dependence on and the trust in their parents.  Just as small children depend on and trust their parents, so much the disciples, and all of us who believe, depend on, and trust in God our Father.  Jesus is telling them, and all of us, that it is only by becoming like little children in this sense that we can enter the kingdom of God.  We must humbly trust in God in the same way that little children trust in their parents. 

            Sisters and brothers, the words of Jesus today are contrary to what our modern world is telling us.  We constantly hear the call to power and fame and that wealth is what we all crave.  Those who attain the aforementioned are held up as an example for all of us to follow.  Humility is often eliminated from our vocabulary.  However, the words of Jesus remind us that if we truly want to get to heaven we must listen to Him and do as He taught His disciples. 

Question of the Day:  When the Lord Jesus looks into your heart, what does He see?

Prayer:  Lord, lead us to recognize that Your are our focus.  Be with us as we attempt to live humbly the message you teach us.  Thank you for your calling us as you called Your disciples and for inviting us to Your Fathers kingdom.  Amen.


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