Saturday of the Fifth Week of Lent
Malvern Minute


Saturday of the Fifth Week of Lent

April 4, 2020

Deacon Anthony J. Cincotta

Assistant Director for Retreat Ministry

Memorial Feast of Saint Isadore (560-636) Patron Saint of Computer Technicians


Book of the Prophet Ezekiel 37:21-28

Psalm (Jeremiah 31)

John 11:45-56


The scene in today’s Gospel narrative takes place after Jesus brought Lazarus back to life.  Some say that the raising of Lazarus was a turning point in Jesus’ public ministry.  As I have mentioned in a previous reflection, “What an unexplainable event that must have been to witness!”  Some say that the raising of Lazarus was when Jesus crossed the line, forcing the Sanhedrin to take action against Him. 

It is quite clear that Jesus did not force the Sanhedrin to take action rather they were clearly motivated out of fear.  Essentially they were protecting their powerful positions and their way of life.  Even though they were faced with the “savior” they had spoken about and hoped for.  Is it possible their own sinfulness motivated their unjust actions?  They justified their offense against Jesus as Caiaphas, the high priest, said “It is better for you that one man should die instead of the people, so that the whole nation may not perish.”  Is this just a tragic story of injustice or can we relate today’s Gospel to our own experiences?

Reflect on the injustices you may have experienced or witnessed experienced by others.  It is likely that the sins of fear, power, greed, or control were motivating factors for those unjust acts.  Children are bullied in school, elder abuse and neglect is a tragedy, persecution of Christians around the world is a global issue, the sin of abortion and so many other injustices.  Today, right now, we face the unknown with the Coronavirus pandemic.  Will we band together as a human family or will there be those who take advantage of the moment and prey on those who are most vulnerable?

Sisters and brothers, the Lord Jesus is our model for living through unjust situations.  We find strength in Jesus on the cross when we feel abandoned in our unjust situations.  We may feel like we have been forsaken, but God is right there with us, in the midst of our struggles.  We can also find consolation in the resurrection of our Lord, believing that God will also resurrect us from the effects of injustice.

Friends, as we continue our Lenten journey, let us become attuned to the injustices in our lives and how we can be God’s hands of comfort and healing to those in pain.

Question of the Day: Will you love your neighbor as yourself and come to the aid of others in need?

Prayer:  “Cast away from you all the crimes you have committed, says the Lord, and make for yourselves a new heart and a new spirit.”  (Verse before the Gospel April 4, 2020)

Please continue to pray for the victims of the Coronavirus and for all who are affected by this unprecedented pandemic.


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