Thursday of the Thirty-Third Week in Ordinary Time
Malvern Minute


Thursday of the Thirty-Third Week in Ordinary Time

November 19, 2020

Deacon Anthony J. Cincotta

Saint Mary Magdalen parish, Media, PA

Book of Revelation 5:1-10

Psalm 149:1-6, 9

Luke 19:41-44


            The Book of Revelation is a kind of literature that has not been popular for a very long time and, when read is very likely to be misunderstood and misrepresented.  Over the centuries theologians remind us that Revelation is not prophecy, but a vision of God’s eternal concerns and accomplishments and how we fit into them.  I suspect that it is difficult for us to approach the kind of God that is described here as “the One who sits on a throne” or simply as “the Lamb,” and almost impossible to understand the scroll and the seals, for the symbolism means little to us in our time and in our culture.  This, however, does not mean that the general sense of the passage is not clear.

            The Gospel narration, on the other hand, presents a Jesus who is only too human and whose message is only too clear.  Well, therein lies the problem; does His being too close to us, His words too much like what we would speak ourselves, make it impossible for us to believe that this is the Son of God speaking to us?

            What then is the fact that God could present to us?  What image can we His new apostles show to the lost and those without hope in order to find them, touch them, draw them in, and heal them?  How can God talk to all of us in a way that will get us to listen actively and with a passion to hear and invite His Holy Word into our lives? 

            I truly believe that the only way is for us to pray, and pray and pray some more.  We must lift our minds and our hearts to God with all our strength and all our desire, to place all our hope in His desire for us and His ability to heal us, to change us, and to bring us to the fullness of His life.

Question of the Day:  Will you think about the plain fact that God loves you more than you can imagine and rejoice?

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, let me be always Your child in whom You can be pleased.  Amen.


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