Tuesday of the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Malvern Minute


Tuesday of the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

July 14, 2020

Deacon Anthony J. Cincotta

Assistant Director for Retreat Ministry


Memorial Feast:  Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Virgin (1656-+1680) Patron of Native Americans and Ecology

Book of the Prophet Isaiah 7:1-9

Psalm 48

Matthew 11:2-24


Today’s readings seem harsh, and in a sense they are.  In the first reading from the prophet Isaiah the town is in danger from formidable foes and the people are afraid because the threat and danger is real.  But the Lord tells them not to fear, to stop trembling and to have faith.  If they do they will come to no harm and their town will survive.  If they loose their faith they will be crushed.  If they are God’s city and put their trust in God, they will survive and persevere. 

The city imagery continues in our Responsorial Psalm.  The city that praises God and puts its trust in God will be saved.  In fact, the leaders of the city will tremble before the Lord; but as in the reading from Isaiah if they keep their faith and persevere their faith will save them.

Finally, in Matthew’s Gospel, Our Lord speaks of cities as well.  These are the cities where He has been preaching and performing signs and wonders and the people are not accepting Him and not repenting their way of life or following Him.  Wait!  He’s right there! He’s performing miracles!  They can see Him with their own eyes!  Why then won’t they accept Him and follow Him?  This type of behavior continues to this day.  He’s right here with us and still many don’t see Him.

Jesus says other towns would love to have Him and would repent and follow Him immediately.  He tells them if He had been at Sodom, a city of great decadence and sin, they would have immediately recognized Him and repented.  As a result Sodom would stand today.  But they still don’t get it.

So then, what city should we be like?  The city that has faith and trusts in God and will persevere or the city that sees Jesus and refuses to repent will fail.  

Sisters and brothers, our Lord is not physically in our midst performing miracles, but we can still learn from his teachings and we can still recognize Him in the Holy Eucharist, and repent and be like the city that is saved.  The choice is rather simple, don’t you think? 

Question of the Day:  How do you recognize God in the splendor of creation, in the miracle of life, in the balance of our ecosystems, and in the beauty of every human being?

Prayer:  Lord, You called the Virgin, Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, to shine forth among the Native American people as an example of purity of life.  Grant, through her intercession, that all peoples of every tribe, tongue, and nation, may be gathered into Your Church and proclaim Your greatness in one song of praise.  Amen. 

Please continue to pray for the victims of the Coronavirus and for all who are affected by this unprecedented pandemic as well as for peace in our country and in our world. 


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