Tuesday of the First Week in Ordinary Time
Malvern Minute


Tuesday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

January 12, 2021

Deacon Anthony J. Cincotta

Saint Mary Magdalen Parish, Media, PA

Letter of Saint Paul to the Hebrews 2:5-12

Psalm 8:2-, 5-9

Mark 1:21-28


            In today’s Gospel narrative we hear how Jesus, in the early stages of His public ministry, teaches with authority.  He speaks directly the Word of God Himself.  He is showing His listeners that He is filled with the words of the Old Testament as well as filled with God the Holy Spirit.  This is the beginning for us to realize that Jesus was not only a special messenger of God’s Holy Word, He is God’s Word.  Today we are witnessing the beginning of “Salvation History.”  The unclean spirit in today’s Gospel realized it and so do we.

            The demon confirms this identity and role of Christ as it recognizes Jesus as, “the Holy One of God” and it is immediately obedient to the authoritative Word that Jesus speaks.  But even more importantly Jesus gains an even higher standing in the eyes of the synagogue congregation and will move on to teach, preach and heal in even greater ways.   

            What then does this have to do with us?  I believe the answer is simple.  We too must first let the Word of God become the nourishment we need in our lives in order to guide us in all that we say and do.  We need to study it, pray it, love it and let it be the law in our lives.  We also need to constantly pray for the Holy Spirit to bring that Word to active life within us.  Finally, we must speak and act with and in the power and authority of the Word, not in a domineering or critical way but by letting God’s light shine in all that we are and do and say.  In other words, we must resemble Jesus in every way.  Then, God will make Himself known to others through us and then He will cast out the demons that we encounter in ourselves and in others. 

Question of the Day:  How will you call on God to cast out the demons that you may encounter in yourself and others?

Prayer:  Lord, teach me to me mindful of my blessings and my challenges, to be grateful of your care and your guidance.  Amen. 


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