Tuesday of the Twenty-Second Week in Ordinary Time
Malvern Minute


Tuesday of the Twenty-Second Week in Ordinary Time

September 1, 2020

Deacon Anthony J. Cincotta

Assistant Director for Retreat Ministry


First Letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians 2:10b-16

Psalm 145

Luke 4:31-37


Today’s readings deal with God’s power and authority.  The reading from the Epistle to the people of Corinth is intriguing.  Only God can fully know God, but I believe this letter reminds us that we can know about God and see things as God sees them by the power of the Holy Spirit in us and our life in Christ.  Today Psalm 145 sings our praise of God, a merciful God, a glorious God, a faithful God, and a God who lifts us up when weakness and sorrow bring us down.

Luke’s Gospel narrative depicts one of a series of littles scenes within the ministry of Jesus’ public life.  Here He is a teacher, healer and a prophet.  Today He is also an exorcist, calling an “unclean demon” to come out of a man.  Already astonished at how Jesus teaches with “authority and wisdom,” the people of Capernaum are amazed at His power and authority over evil spirits.

In our world we might diagnose the man with the “spirit of an unclean demon” as, well, mentally ill.  Yet who among us has not seen or felt the power of an “evil spirit” in the hostile actions, criminal behavior and poor choices made by “sane” people?  Haven’t we all, after reading a newspaper or watching the news on TV, or even being victimized ourselves had thoughts like, “What possessed him/her to commit that horrific crime, or lie, or cheat or steal?”  We may then examine our own conscience and ask ourselves, What “possessed” me to make that mistake or say something so hurtful?”  Just maybe we have been in the power of an evil spirit, an “unclean demon.”

The purpose of today’s Gospel narrative is to instill in us that God’s power and authority can rescue us from evil, even the evil in our own hearts.  The demon’s testimony told the people Who Jesus was, and today it says again that Jesus is the “Holy One of God.”

Question of the Day:  Today, will you become amazed all over again by Jesus, and let yourself recognize and praise God’s power and authority within your own life?

Prayer:  “Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I cry to you all the day long.  O Lord, you are good and forgiving, full of mercy to all who call to you.  Amen.”  (Psalm 86 (85):3, 5.)

Please continue to pray for the victims of the Coronavirus and for all who are affected by this unprecedented pandemic as well as for peace in our country and in our world.











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