Wednesday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time
Malvern Minute


Wednsday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time

February 19, 2020

Deacon Anthony J. Cincotta

Assistant Director for Retreat Ministry 


Letter of Saint James 1:19-27

Psalm 15

Mark 8:22-26

Once upon a time a loaf of bread fell from a bakery truck and it hit the ground and. as it did, a crumb broke loose.  Three sparrows all eyed the crumb and swooped down and began to fight over the morsel of bread.   Eventually, one of the sparrows succeeded in scooping up the crumb in its beak and flew away with it with the other two sparrows following in hot pursuit.  A frenzied aerial battle took place until the crumb was completely consumed.

Friends, the only thing the three sparrows saw was the crumb.  None noticed the large loaf of bread that had fallen off the bread truck and was laying in the street.  How often do we consume our energies squabbling over trivial things while the true riches of life go unnoticed?

In today’s Gospel a blind man is brought to Jesus by some of the blind man’s friends.  It is through their faith that moves Jesus to pity and heals the blind man.  However, this healing is a bit different because it occurs in stages.  First, the blind man only saw a little then he saw everything clearly.  Our Lord sent him home with a warning to avoid the company of those who live in “spiritual darkness.” 

Having said this I would like you to reflect on three things about the healing of the blind man:

  • First: The blind man does not go to Jesus by himself.  He is assisted by others in order to be healed by Jesus’ touch.  God uses other people to bring spiritual and physical healing.
  • Second: The healing process is by stages.  Therefore we cannot expect that the people we bring to Jesus for physical healing occur instantly.  We must be patient.  Here we can use Saint Monica as an example of patience as she prayed for the conversion of her son Saint Augustine.
  • Third: Jesus tells the blind man not to go back to the village.  What is there that Jesus did not want the cured blind man to see?  Is the village full of temptations that would lure the blind man into a life of sin?   The man has his vision restored and can now see a world that is good and not evil.

Remember the crumb and loaf of bread story? Let us “keep awake and pray.” (Mark 14:38)

Question of the Day:  Are there any blind spots in your life that cloud your vision of God and His kingdom?

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, take my heart with all its weaknesses and flaws.  Make me hate sin and serve You all my life with loving dedication.



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