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What Happened to Me in Adoration

June 1, 2018

What Happened to me in Adoration

By Lesia Petrizio, a Woman of Malvern

Saint Agnes was finally approved for Her Adoration Chapel.  We had waited for so many years!  Finally, God said yes!

I immediately signed up to be a captain.  A captain is the person who responsible for a 2-hour block of time each day.  I was so excited!  I knew God would make the time!  I cannot put into words the overwhelming need to do this!  All the captains and the person in charge went about filling hours, preparing the chapel, and the opening mass which would open the chapel. 

Finally, the day came that we were officially an Adoration Chapel.  I personally chose Saturday from 1-2 p.m. as my hour.  When I started adoration, I did not have any overwhelming feeling and I was quite jumpy because of the silence.  My ears ring in the quiet.  But I got this little book called “Miracle Hour” by Linda Schubert.  It really helped me start to learn to pray for an hour. 

Gradually our Lord pulls me into prayer, into conversation that I am meant to have.  You see Adoration is designed for you by God.  So God opened up another hour!  Monday, from 1-2 p.m.

Our Lord kept pulling me deeper into conversation.  My journal was always open to jot down what we talked about.  I really started to enjoy my time, my personal time with the Creator of the universe!  My Creator!  As my prayer life grew so did my Adoration Time.   I added Fridays 1-2 p.m.  Jesus was speaking to me.  Not just in Adoration, but everywhere.  I would be constantly speaking to Him and He is speaking to me through Scripture, podcasts, and music, it is amazing!  I surrendered my life and my business and have not looked back. 

I am now in Adoration four days, soon to pick up a fifth day.  I love and need this time with Jesus.  This time with Him is transforming and has transformed me over the years.  I am a different person.  Adoration changes you in so many ways.  How you ask?  Place before Jesus your challenges and stand back!  I love more, I laugh more, I give of myself more, I talk to ABBA, Jesus and the Holy Spirit more.  My life is not the same and people have noticed.  My soul is becoming more sensitive, my nightly exam more meaningful and transformative, my witness to Jesus’ dying and rising more prominent.  My confessions more healing.  The list goes on.  If you are looking for (insert your need) go to Adoration.  The latest mentee I took to the chapel, she had never been to chapel before, and this was her very first time to Adoration, She said “I just got hugged, I feel loved and like I was just hugged!”  We both cried!

My fellow Adorers will tell you, we all love our time with Jesus!  Do you remember the account of Martha and Mary?  This is our time to be Mary, to sit at the feet of your Master.

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