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Who We Serve & Mission
Who We Serve

All Are Welcome

Come As You Are

Mission Statement

Rooted in the Catholic Faith, we provide retreats, programs, and events that help people deepen their relationship with God and find peace.

Malvern Retreat House cares for the needs of all people. No matter where you may be in your spiritual journey, we encourage you to come as you are and see what our prayerful retreats and meditative grounds have to offer. Though we are a Catholic destination, if you need peace, healing and a space in which to be still, Malvern Retreat House invites you to journey onto our grounds—regardless of your religious background.


Between school, jobs, friendships and other commitments, today’s teens are under greater pressure than ever before. At Malvern, we provide teens time to disconnect, step away from their busy schedules and grow in their relationship with God and one another.

Malvern for Teens

who we serve teens

Young Adults

Young adulthood can be an overwhelming time, when the burden of adult responsibility sets in. For young men and women in the early stages of adulthood, Malvern provides a variety of formative, energetic and enriching retreat experiences.

Malvern for Young Adults

who we serve young adults


Family bonds are some of the strongest on earth, but they need to be cared for and nurtured in order to stay strong. Our weekend family retreats are growing in popularity and represent an opportunity for family connection and spiritual growth.

Malvern for Families

who we serve families

Married Couples

When married couples make room for God in their relationships, love and trust flourish. Learn how to open your hearts to each other and to Our Lord during a marriage retreat.

Malvern for Marriage

who we serve married couples

Those Recovering From Addiction

Malvern Retreat House holds regular Serenity Retreats for women who are overcoming addiction, as well as Matt Talbot Retreats for men in recovery. Specialized Addiction retreats for those affected by addictions, drug, alcohol, PTSD, abuse and pornography will be introduced in 2018.

Malvern for Addiction Support

who we serve addiction support

Those Experiencing Grief or Loss

Grieving the loss of a family member, friend, or loved one is a difficult experience that requires great faith. Allow God to comfort you during this challenging time.

Malvern for Grief or Loss

who we serve grief or loss


Weekend men’s retreats are an opportunity to step away and reflect on God’s powerful presence in your life. Men can even become part of the Men of Malvern, our founding Catholic men’s group. In addition, other men’s retreats are offered throughout the year.

Malvern for Men

who we serve men


Women’s retreats and reflections offer any woman the chance to reflect on her spirituality, enter into community with new friends and grow in spiritual formation around topics such as the “feminine genius” to better understand the relationship God desires for them. Women have the opportunity to participate in a traditional Malvern women’s retreat or attend a selection of specialized retreats.

Malvern for Women

who we serve women

Visiting Groups

If your club, organization, or group is searching for a meeting or retreat site, you’ve found it. Malvern Retreat House offers conference centers, meeting halls and overnight accommodations including a private chef, wait staff and a wide selection of unique amenities.

Plan An Event

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See our calendar for a full listing of retreats, reflections and events.

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