Conversion Stories
Conversion Stories

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Read Life-Changing Encounters from Our Retreatants

Every day at Malvern Retreat House, we hear stories from those who experience life-changing moments with God. These transformative testimonies highlight powerful experiences from our day, night and weekend retreats.

I was very blessed to come with my father in the last years of his life. Some of the best moments with my Dad were spent on the wooded pathways in silence together, enjoying the nature that Malvern and its 125 acres affords…We even did private adoration together because of my Dad’s physical condition. It was a blessing to be there for him because he has been there for me many times.

Larry Bucci, Retreatant

grotto sign and pathway

I know God is everywhere, but I think when you are at Malvern, it’s intensified. I feel closer to God at the retreat house than at home or even at church on Sunday. I want to build on that closeness with God. Each year, the feeling of peace stays with me a little longer when I leave, but I will keep coming back as long as God allows it.

Sherry DiFonzo, Retreatant

assumption hall oratory

I was very unsure about what was going to happen while I was on retreat. Then a sense of peace came over me. That retreat truly became 40 of the best hours of my life. As soon as I get home from retreat, I put the next year’s retreat on my calendar.

Robert Repko, Retreatant

agony in the garden statue

I saw a woman once who was having a really hard time…Our group walked with her to the oratory. She was overpowered and started to cry a little. We all watched her and kneeled together. It is wonderful to see God moving through people. You will always find someone else here going through the same thing. You are never truly alone.

Maggie DiLolle, Retreatant

malvern retreat house entryway

The Young Adult Retreat at Malvern was a wonderful experience. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of so many young adults gathered together in one place…It was a concrete way to grow in my relationship with God, to come to understand some of the gifts he has given me. I highly recommend this retreat to others!

Becca Pine, Retreatant

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