Mini-Prosit: September 11, 2020

Years from now history books will be written about the pandemic of 2020. The impact on our families, communities and country will be documented. Children will learn how we coped and adjusted. While the science and data will drive the narrative from the secular perspective, ultimately the real story will be centered on the heroes. The everyday men and women who made a difference. In the long history of Malvern Retreat House, YOU, will be the hero of the story of how we thrived beyond the pandemic!
Your prayers and your generous donations have enabled us to do more than we could have imagined. We made it through the shutdown and have re-opened. We have expanded our virtual opportunities and can now reach many more people with at home retreats. The Malvern Forward Campaign has been launched and the response has been nothing short of a grace from God. The massive loss of revenue from cancelled retreats and limitations on capacity continue to be a serious concern. But, we can see clearly how God is leading Malvern Retreat House into the future. 
We are so incredibly grateful to all of you! In the coming weeks more Men and Women of Malvern groups will have their annual retreat. God will be worshiped and hearts will be transformed by the peace that comes with a spiritual retreat. We will welcome back student groups, host our monthly outdoor adoration and continue to offer virtual resources to all.
Thank you for making this possible. Thank you for being a hero!



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