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Antone Raymundo, MD

July 16, 2019

Dr. Antone Raymundo is a pro-life physician, Wharton MBA alumnus, and former senior medical director who had practiced anesthesiology and currently works as a medical consultant specializing in disability. He is the US National Spokesperson for the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Movement. He is a lay Carmelite, a spiritual director, and an experienced prayer team member/assistant in the healing, deliverance, and exorcism ministry for the region’s Archdiocese. He is a passionate Catholic speaker who inspires people with his personal testimony and stories of miraculous healings. He has delivered conferences, internationally and nationally, and is a sought-after retreat director. He has volunteered over 230 hours in prison ministry and evangelized hundreds of inmates.

He hosts a popular radio show/podcast that is nationally broadcasted on Radio Maria called “The Flame of Love Show” and hosts two more one hour radio shows: a weekly Thursday show and a monthly First Friday call-in show on In His Sign Catholic Radio Network aired through WTMR 800 AM and via streaming apps.  Additionally, he speaks on the Eucharist, The Secret of the Rosary, Spiritual Warfare, Exorcisms, Angels & Saints, Resurrection Stories, St. Joseph, Catholic Masculinity, Marriage & Family, Fatherhood, and Discovering One’s True Self and Mission in Christ. He is a happily married man and resides in southeast Pennsylvania with his wife and six children. His oldest son is an ordained Roman Catholic priest.


        “As a lay Carmelite and medical doctor directly involved in spiritual warfare, I helped save numerous lives from disease, disability, demons, and death. I also                 help save souls by assisting our priests, who are the spiritual doctors of our soul. In union with our priests and our Church, I help bridge the gap of faith and               reason for regular everyday life so LOVE and MERCY can cross over to hearts and minds. I am a lay emissary to re-evangelize people so they can go back to the           Catholic Church, our spiritual hospital, and experience more fully the saving medicine of God from the Divine Physician Himself and from his priests, through               the sacraments and sacramentals.” -Dr. Antone Raymundo

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