Fr. Michael P. Sullivan, OSA

August 2, 2017

Father Michael P. Sullivan, O.S.A., travels the country year-round providing parishes with unique and dynamic retreats.

The letters from pastors seeking his services come to the Province Office, where Father Sullivan reviews them and sends a letter of confirmation if the time and place are suitable to his schedule. If airfare is required the Parish reimburses the Augustinians for expenses incurred. Father Sullivan only asks for a ‘love offering’ that is taken up the last day of the retreat. This offering goes to retired Augustinian priests. This is all that Father Sullivan requires for his services.

Father Sullivan’s mission schedule concentrates on the seven Sacraments. The first night is Baptism, Confirmation, and the power of the Spirit. The second night is reconciling, healing, and forgiveness. The third night is fidelity and commitment. The fourth night is “call to be one bread, one body.” Father Sullivan makes his message known while adding a bit of humor and fun to the mission. Fear is not part of Father Sullivan’s mission talk approach. People leave with a smile, his message well taken, and a feeling of pride in being Catholic.

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