Kevin Reilly

May 24, 2022

Kevin Reilly is an acclaimed keynote speaker, author, former broadcaster for Philadelphia Eagles Network, and former professional football player. He has motivated thousands with his journey of overcoming illness and unbelievable obstacles.

First drafted by the Miami Dolphins in 1973, Kevin then played for the Philadelphia Eagles, where he captained the special teams, and the New England Patriots. In
1976, Kevin was diagnosed with a rare tumor that led to the amputation of his left arm, ending his lifelong dream of playing in the NFL.

Kevin underwent an intense radical surgery to remove his left arm, shoulder and five ribs. The procedure altered his body and life forever, forcing Reilly to end his professional football career and look at a new future, one with obstacles he never could have imagined.

Through perseverance and strength, Kevin achieved accomplishments many thought impossible, seeing success in the corporate world, broadcasting, and reaching thousands with his inspirational message.

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