Catholics Celebrate the Sacred Heart in June

June 4, 2024

Catholics dedicate the month of June to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The celebration of His Sacred Heart dates back to the 17th century when St. Margaret Mary Alacoque had a vision of Jesus revealing His Sacred Heart, burning with love for humanity.

Jesus asked St. Margaret to establish a feast dedicated to His Sacred Heart. He promised blessings to those who honored this feast.

The feast day was established on the Friday after the second Sunday following Pentecost. This typically falls in June, and so it is natural that the Church dedicates the entire month to the Sacred Heart.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a powerful reminder of His enduring, unconditional, and salvific love. The Sacred Heart of Jesus reminds us of our call to love as He did.

There are several ways Catholics can redouble their commitment to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  1. Prayer. During June, consider praying the Act of Consecration to His Sacred Heart.
  2. First Friday. The Catholic tradition of First Friday Mass traces its roots to St. Margaret. Jesus asked St. Margaret to encourage people to receive Holy Communion on the First Friday of each month.
  3. Holy Hours. During June, special Holy Hours are held focused on Eucharistic Adoration and the Sacred Heart.
  4. Reparations. Atone for sins committed against the Sacred Heart; seek to console Jesus and express gratitude for His loving act of salvation.

June has become a popular month for various celebrations including graduations, Father’s Day, weddings, and other secular events, some of contradict Catholic values and teachings. It is more fitting than ever for Catholics to dedicate themselves to Jesus’ Sacred Heart through prayer and reconciliation.

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