Thanksgiving, Malvern Retreat House Style

By Anne M. McGlone Thanksgiving for Malvern Retreat House members is more than just another holiday.  Retreatants during the weekend of Thanksgiving host a retreat entitled the Thanksgiving IHM retreat.  Men spend a weekend away from the hustle of daily living to pray, experience community and to prepare for[...]


The Word on the Street

By: Michael Norton, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Malvern Retreat House Some people love the early morning. They spend quiet time with the Lord in prayer and reflection. What a great way to begin each day.  It is their routine, and it is beautiful. I have a confession to[...]


This Italian Church Has the Embalmed Hearts of 22 Popes

Provided as a courtesy of By: Billy Ryan As Catholics, we venerate the relics of saints and martyrs to show proper reverence for the pious and holy lives[...]


Thy Will Be Done

By. Debra Benson, Woman of Malvern I am still musing over the holidays and what is being asked of me by my family and the Lord. Yes, you read[...]

communion luncheon

Communion Luncheon Awardees Feeding Our Faith

By: Anne McGlone Flipping through the television stations late at night a few weeks ago, I heard the words from a well-known preacher, “We must feed our faith with[...]


Reading Scripture in an age of short attention spans

Used by permission of By: Gina Christian Highlighter in hand, one eye on the clock, I flipped through a book, skimming paragraphs and marking sentences. Class was in an[...]


The Word on the Street

By: Michael T. Norton, Vice President, Institutional Advancement, Malvern Retreat House One of the Gospel acclamations at Mass that touched my heart this week read, “If you are insulted[...]



By: Debra Benson, Woman of Malvern Retreat House Good morning! I am sharing with you my thoughts from the vantage point of a woman with many titles: deacon’s wife,[...]


Angelus Address: Solemnity of All Saints

Here is a ZENIT translation of the address Pope Francis gave November 1 before and after praying the midday Angelus with those gathered in St. Peter’s Square. * *[...]


How Many Catholic Saints Are There?

By: Billy Ryan | Provided Courtesy of As Catholics, we venerate saints to show the proper reverence and respect for the pious lives they led before entering into[...]


Juggle Without Struggle

By: Anne M. McGlone, Director of Marketing at Malvern Retreat House Several years ago, a prominent business woman and friend of Malvern Retreat House authored a book entitled, “Juggle[...]

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